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DSV is a global freight forwarder offering transport and logistics services to support our customers’ entire supply chain requirements, employing over 75,000 people worldwide and approximately 2,500 in the UK.

From April 2017, DSV UK along with all other companies with over 250 employees are obliged to publish gender pay gap reports.

DSV is proud to be an equal opportunities employer and aims to create opportunities for employees regardless of gender, age, nationality, religion or sexual orientation.

In line with DSV’s global business structure, DSV UK operates through three legal companies and this is reflected in our Gender Pay Gap Reporting.

A number of employees in key global roles work out of the UK and are paid by the DSV UK companies, despite their work relating predominantly to global DSV business. This has inflated the difference in the mean bonus between men and women in the UK as these employees are in more senior positions

We are pleased to publish our gender pay gap figures in accordance with The Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2018 and on behalf of the three DSV UK companies, I confirm that the information contained in the three reports is true and accurate.

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