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The application of HVO fuel on various vehicle types is well underway

Supporting DSV’s Net Zero by 2050 commitments

As a large business within an industry that has a significant impact on the environment, predominantly CO2 emissions, DSV are continuing to implement sustainable alternatives into daily operational activities to meet the publicised green strategy obligations.

Following the introduction of CNG Fuels to the fleet in Immingham, DSV have commenced the use of HVO, a low carbon, low emission alternative solution as opposed to conventional fossil diesel is now well underway. The fuel has been introduced to both articulated and rigid vehicles.

Similar to the use of CNG Fuels, the utilisation of HVO helps to reduce our net CO2 greenhouse gas emissions, which is paramount to making a significant change today. In addition, the product is 100% interchangeable with fossil diesel, this is how DSV can make the decision and interchange so quickly. 

“We can already see the exceptional performance and reliability of transitioning to HVO, with the added benefit of no modifications or new equipment required, we envisage the possibility of rolling out the trial to other vehicles at additional locations. We will monitor the HVO performance over the winter months, but expect no risk of waxing, precipitation or line-blocking. We are assured that its cold-weather performance is exemplary too.”
says Michael Hague, Haulage Operation General Manager

“This dramatic drop in carbon is immediate and is backed by assessments and reporting undertaken by International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) teams. These findings are key as we progress through the future of action on new initiatives, each year is critical in implementing sustainable solutions that will help us to achieve carbon reduction targets with the intentions to ultimately freeze the climate crisis”.
says John Hawksworth, Domestic Operation Senior Director

Sustainability is fast becoming a differentiator for customers and investors, as companies are increasingly seeking ways to minimise the environmental impact across their supply chains. As a result, specialised solutions that enable customers to decarbonise their transport represents a significant strategic advantage for DSV. 

DSV’s commitments and assurances continue to evolve, constantly monitoring the carbon footprint, and aspiring to meet said environmental targets. DSV’s ESG ambassadors review trends and provide recommendations for how to achieve carbon reduction targets considering areas such as water, waste, travel, buildings and surroundings.

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