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Webinar | China's Global Economic Role | DSV

Join us for an inspiring webinar that explores the dynamic landscape of the Chinese market, key trends in business and technology, and the busy freight market within the important trade corridor linking China and Europe.

In the webinar, you will have the pleasure of listening to the eminent speaker Christina Boutrup, a leading China analyst and author of several books on China. Christina will share her expertise based on extensive field research and experience as a business journalist and TV correspondent.

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In this webinar we will explore:

  • Key aspects of the Chinese market and how it affects trade with Europe.
  • The development of the freight market in the trade corridor between China and Europe.
  • Future trends and opportunities for companies operating in this region.

This webinar is an invaluable opportunity to gain insight into one of the world's most dynamic trade relationships. We encourage all interested parties to participate and be inspired by the discussion.

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Date: 6th March 
Time: at 09:30 GMT
Duration: 60 minutes incl. Q&A
Host: Morten Sloth Madsen  | Managing Director Air & Sea Norway and Sweden
Key Note Speaker: Christina Boutrup  | China Analyst, Thought Leader, Key Note Speaker
Language: English

Registration is free, so please sign up as soon as possible and reserve the time in your calendar now.
We look forward to having you at this exciting and engaging event.


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Christina Boutrup

Christina Boutrup is a leading China analyst, thought leader, and keynote speaker who has written several books on China based on her field research as an experienced business journalist and TV correspondent. In her latest book, she writes about the technological revolution in China and how it shapes our future in Europe. She has lived for several years in Asia, most recently in Shanghai and Singapore with her family, and has a valuable up-to-date perspective on the most important business and technology trends in China and the surrounding area.

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