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DSV delivers on strong sustainability ambitions

Implementing HVO fuel to the final-mile fleet in London


From results of short-term trials, it was evident that DSV needed to implement a robust sustainable solution for fuel usage.  This has driven the initiative to transfer the entire 40-vehicle final mile fleet based in London, from diesel to HVO fuel.  DSV have installed a HVO fuel bunker at its Purfleet Site, holding 30,000 litres of HVO. The final mile fleet operates in the London area and covers approximately 2,000,000 miles per annum.  Congestion and average speed zones in London play a major factor in the impact of CO2 emissions; congestion can often be far more severe than elsewhere in the UK.  Implementing the use of HVO fuel in this area was the most effective solution; contributing up to a 90% reduction in CO2 emissions, whilst providing the same quality and service. The major benefit to our customers is that costs remain neutral.
DSV is trialling various sustainability initiatives to undertake the challenge of decarbonisation within the logistics industry. DSV remains committed to playing a crucial role in enabling the change that is necessary to reach net-zero emissions in the Logistics sector by setting clear goals in line with the Paris Convention 2030. Trialling programs include:

• The use of alternative fuels such as - HVO - Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil
• CNG – Compressed Natural Gas 
• Trialling electric vehicles at various locations

DSV continues on the road to sustainability, evaluating the implementation of HVO with the Mercia Park and Manchester final mile fleet.

John Hawksworth, Senior Director – Domestic Operations said “The results of sustainability trials highlight the strides we are making towards DSV reducing our environmental impact whilst complying with the cleaner energy alternatives outlined on our decarbonisation roadmap. DSV are in a great place to achieve our carbon reduction targets in the coming years. The potential reductions in net greenhouse gas emissions demonstrate how effective HVO fuel can be for driving sustainability within our operations. This unique deployment and implementation of alternative fuel technologies in our operation is also a leap forward for our customers on their sustainability journey.”

Our Green Logistics services are designed to help our customers gain visibility over carbon emissions in their sub-contracted transport and logistics and design decarbonisation strategies that fit their specific needs and CO2 reduction targets. As a leading logistics provider, DSV is committed to reducing the adverse impact of our own operations (Scope 1, 2 and 3) on the environment wherever possible.

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