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Helen Topete Arreola,

Helen Topete Arreola

Senior HR Specialist, Solutions - USA

Helen came to DSV for challenges in an environment with a good work-life balance. She has now held multiple positions in two years.

When Helen Topete Arreola applied for a job at DSV in Fontana, California two years ago, it wasn’t for the HR specialist role she ended up being hired for. But her new manager saw potential, and Helen accepted DSV’s offer. She has now held multiple roles in her two years at the company.

I’m really glad I took the job. Since I joined DSV, I’ve been constantly learning and developing. I enjoy all parts of my job” says Helen and attributes a lot of that to her leader:

My leader is amazing. She is constantly teaching me new things and challenging me, and that makes me want to do my best every day. For her, for myself and for DSV.” 

Always improving the status quo 

An additional point, which Helen believes contributes to her development, is the DSV culture of always striving to improve. “There’s a belief here, that we can always do a little better” she explains and elaborates:

We’re making changes and improvements that make us more efficient. Every idea I bring to the team and my leader is seriously considered as a contribution to developing our area of the business.” 

That motivates me to help come up with new initiatives. I have gotten the opportunity to do so much and all those things have helped me develop professionally and personally as well,” Helen points out. 

Developing and implementing new initiatives smoothly is helped along by good collaboration across different teams and work functions: 

We work so well with each other in DSV. No matter the challenge at hand, we work together to find a solution.” 

Growing with the company

DSV is a pretty awesome company, and I see myself growing here. I’d love to be here long term,” says Helen when asked how she sees her future at DSV. The ambition is clear: 

I would like to get a position as HR manager. I’ll keep working to improve and advance within the company, and we’ll see where that takes me."

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