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A team of experts with a wealth of knowledge within the healthcare warehousing and transport industry have come together to provide an up to date view of the opportunities of circularity of supply chain in what is traditionally a very linear orientated sector. They have produced a White Paper which covers a multitude of viewpoints and use cases to assist and guide your thinking on the challenges faced in transitioning to circular economy supply chain design and management.

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Executive Summary
Meeting the Moment: Bringing Science-Based Targets to Global Pharma
Traditional Supply Chain Models
Considerations for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Emerging products and services that help 'bend the supply chain'
Strategies for Implementation

Sector research has highlighted key factors that promote the circularity of supply across healthcare, and progress in "bending the supply chain" in this sector has been slow. There are multiple barriers to circularity, including legislation, lack of information or interaction between stakeholders, and rigid practices that hinder progress. To successfully develop circularity, it's necessary to understand the causal links along the value chain.

DSV's rich history of agility and transformation perfectly equips us to lean into the demands and challenges of the climate crisis across this sector. This white paper will highlight our expertise in managing sustainability and our commitment to remaining a global sustainability leader. We are well on the way to "bending our own supply chain" to maximise Circular Economy opportunities; knowing that this creates resilience and enables us to deliver and often exceed our targets.

Along with the White Paper we are launching a proven tool that triangulates both academic-based research, experienced-based leadership, and real-world customer experience, resulting in a proprietary circular economy maturity assessment tool. Using this free tool, will provide the user with a unique tailored report that delivers insights into the flight path towards achieving an improved circular supply chain.

"The contents also include a case study, warehousing focus, sustainability factors, metrics and further strategies and considerations"

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