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At DSV we have various locations throughout the UK that can offer third-party logistics. Should you see a sudden surge in business and do not have the facility to accommodate your company’s growth, we have the capabilities to deal with increased orders and storage.

Similarly, should logistics and warehousing not be your industry, we provide the knowledge, facilities, and equipment to service your business. It’s likely your enthusiasm is for your product and the industry you operate within, not necessarily the documentation, policies and customs, if required, to get your business moved from A to B.

We have fully qualified warehouse staff to handle your shipments to the utmost excellence through extensive experience and training. All staff are hazardous, sustainability and safety trained to the highest level to ensure your goods are handled in the safest way possible.

Our procurement teams ensure we obtain the keenest shipping rates due to cargo volume on sea crossings which also enable us to offer our customers a first-class Container Haulage Service.

The DSV advantage of third-party logistics is that it allows you to optimise your inventory management, by leaving the anguish of the supply chain logistics to us.

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