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We are looking for hauliers

Every day DSV engage more than 17,000 lorries on the roads of Europe – and we need more. That is why we are looking for serious and reliable hauliers, that share our focus on quality and service.

We want to be the best business partner to our hauliers – and working with us comes with a long list of perks:

- Year round guaranteed steady employment and income, enabling you to plan long term.
- Full time or spot work
- Direct communication from DSV to your drivers, so that you can focus on running and evolving your business.
- Potential for national, Nordic, and continental transports, reducing the need for empty transit driving.
- Shared shopping facilities, saving you money on equipment, work clothes, and much more.
- Option to get a fuel card through DSV, ensuring that you save money when your lorries are in transit too.
- Option to rent lorries from DSV, if you want to expand your business with us.
- Requirement for traction only hauliers

Want to know more?

Contact us today to learn more about what a collaboration with DSV can mean for your business growth and opportunities.

Traction only hauliers
Contact Michael Hague
+44 1469 553668 / +44 7837 317143

Hauliers with owned trailers - Domestic UK-UK 
Contact Luke Wallwork
+44 1827 871209 / +44 7837317143