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Looking for a hassle-free experience when trading with the EU, then DSV SmartShipper is the solution.

Using the Incoterms DDP (Delivered Duty Paid), DSV take all the responsibility of customs clearance and duty requirements prior to the arrival at destination. DSV SmartShipper provides the capability to clear through multiple EU countries whilst at the same time removing the need for Import VAT payments in the EU.

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DSV will clear the goods in the pre-defined gateway country in advance of the shipment’s arrival at the final destination. This enables shipments to transit and deliver freely in the EU with speed transparency and predictability.

In order to use DSV SmartShipper you will need to have a registered EU VAT number and EU EORI number. By having an EU VAT registration number, a VAT payment is not required. If duty is applicable the UK shipper will pay this utilising DSV’s deferment account and we will facilitate this for you in order not to delay the transit time.

DSV will complete all of the necessary documentation in advance, so deliveries will not be affected by customs procedures and therefore benefit fully from the DSV distribution network connecting 30+ countries in Europe, with fixed scheduled departures and arrivals.

What if I don’t have an EU VAT representative? opt for DSV SmartShipper Plus

By opting for DSV SmartShipper Plus, DSV will act as your VAT representative.

The shipper is limited to one tax representative in the country of clearance, therefore, should you choose DSV as your tax representative, DSV must control or have visibility of all shipments.

For transporting goods under the Incoterm DDP, please complete the following fields and one of our team will be in contact.

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