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Our global Customer Success Programme has been running since 2014 and is designed to give us a better understanding of our customers and whether they are happy with the service they receive from DSV.

Our global values are that we put our customers first, perform at our best and have a true and honest collaboration. Therefore, it is important for us to know if you are satisfied with our capabilities to solve your logistic and transportation needs. 

You will receive an email invitation to take part in the survey twice a year. We appreciate your response and you can be assured that DSV acts on all your feedback, at board level if necessary. We combine survey results with information obtained in our day-to-day dialogue with you and find solutions to make your experience with DSV as good as possible. 

Mapping how customers experience our services is a natural part of the way DSV operates. It helps us identify our strengths and areas for improvement. For DSV, improvement is perhaps the most important aspect of the program.

How can you as a customer contribute?

You will receive an email invitation to participate in our Customer Success Program twice a year. The invitation contains a short survey which, with the help of specific questions, measures your satisfaction. Your answer, as well as our daily dialogue, will form the basis for us to find the solutions that improve your experience with DSV.
We would really appreciate you finding the time to complete, which would take approximately 2 minutes.

What does DSV do with the feedback?

We greatly appreciate your response, and we follow up and process all feedback on an ongoing basis. Based on this and in dialogue with you, responses will be actively used as part of the basis for a joint assessment of our business relationship. In other words, you can be sure that we take your feedback seriously and, if necessary, it will also be evaluated at management level. Based on your feedback, we will take the necessary measures and we will keep you informed and up to date.

Any questions?

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