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DSV and Integrated 3PL: A partnership to enhance cross-border logistics services

Integrated 3PL and DSV, two leaders in e-commerce, technology, logistics, and supply chain solutions, have entered a strategic partnership with the aim of simplifying cross-border logistics and e-commerce between Mexico and the United States.

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The convergence of two industry leaders

In April 2024, Integrated 3PL (a company within Grupo Bustamante) and DSV signed a partnership contract, marking a logistical milestone. This alliance aims to transform cross-border logistics and e-commerce between Mexico and the United States, leveraging our combined expertise and global reach. Starting from June 2024, we will begin operations in Tijuana, establishing a new phase of cooperation between our two companies.

Simplifying the customer experience

Our goal is to simplify logistics and provide efficient and cost-effective services without compromising quality. Among the solutions we will offer are ‘321 fulfillment’ services, cross-border e-commerce, domestic e-commerce in Mexico, virtual transfers, transits, and air cargo transportation through Tijuana International Airport.

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Presence in the southern border

Our presence will extend from Tijuana to Matamoros, covering cities such as Ciudad Juárez, Monterrey, and Reynosa. We will focus on nearshoring strategies and optimization of cross-border product flows, ensuring an efficient logistics chain for companies throughout the area.

An innovative partnership

Eddie Estrada, CEO, Integrated 3PL (I3PL):

As CEO and Co-Founder Eddie Estrada will focus on establishing and implementing Integrated 3PL’s vision. This will involve concentrating on strategy, customer journey, technology deployment, building the I3PL executive team, and leveraging the unique strengths between DSV and Integrated 3PL. Additionally, Eddie will work on integrating the additional business units in Grupo Bustamante and I3PL with DSV's operational excellence.

"Integrated 3PL's vision is to simplify logistics across borders, and this partnership with DSV represents a significant step in that direction. By aligning specialized services in nearshoring, technology, and 321 fulfillment, as well as infrastructure within Grupo Bustamante, with DSV's extensive transportation, operational excellence, and network capabilities, we are now poised to deliver unprecedented value to both national and international brands in the United States.

DSV's global reach and Integrated 3PL's innovative logistics solutions make a perfect match, allowing us to leverage our combined resources to achieve our shared goals. With this collaborative effort, we will offer logistics solutions that are efficient and effective, both at the US-Mexico borders and worldwide."

Carlos Bustamante Aubanel, Vice President, Grupo Bustamante:

Carlos has a 30-year track record of developing industrial, commercial, office, hotel, and shelter services that help manufacturing companies set up their operations in Mexico. Additionally, he is a partner in logistics projects in the Tijuana region, including the bonded warehouse at Tijuana International Airport. Carlos is the principal investor of Integrated 3PL, and in this role, he will support the growth and partnership initiative of I3PL with DSV.

"The strategic partnership between Grupo Bustamante and DSV is destined to make significant contributions to the economy of Tijuana and the northern border regions of Mexico. The integrated solution that will be developed aims to support the growth of nearshoring, which is a crucial step towards improving the economic prospects of the region. We are delighted to be part of this partnership, which aligns perfectly with our vision of fostering economic development in the area."

Barush Lozano Orozco, Branch Manager, DSV, Tijuana:

As a Branch Manager, Barush Lozano will have a key role overseeing the operation, leading, and managing the branch team. His focus is to ensure productivity and high levels of customer satisfaction, while resolving issues, reducing risks and maintaining a safe work environment. He is one of the main stakeholders in this partnership, and he will be developing and executing business plans with Integrated 3PL, strengthening the relationship, and setting new goals to achieve growth and success for both companies.

"The strategic alliance between DSV and Integrated 3PL represents a bold step towards the future of commerce in the northern region of Mexico. By offering fulfillment & e-commerce services with state-of-the-art infrastructure, we are committed to driving growth in this region and maximizing value for our clients in the United States and Canada. Our collaboration makes a difference by providing innovative solutions that drive business success and delivery excellence."

Join us on this journey!

We are thrilled to embark on this exciting adventure with you. Stay tuned for our updates as we work together to revolutionize logistics.

If you'd like to start optimizing your e-commerce supply chain with the DSV and Integrated 3PL alliance, contact us today.

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