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Optimizing US-Mexico cross-border logistics

As nearshoring to Mexico increases, having a reliable logistics partner is critical to your success.

Looking to streamline your cross-border shipping? OptiMex is a comprehensive US-Mexico cross-border transport and logistics solution capable of managing every facet of your supply chain. With OptiMex, you can take advantage of DSV’s expansive network of services, including access to global transport methods, local warehousing and distribution, integrated customs and compliance, full shipment visibility, and much more. Our experienced team will work closely with you to develop a customized solution tailored to fit your needs at every step of the way.

Multimodal shipping

OptiMex brings together DSV's full suite of transport methods so that your goods are fully optimized to be delivered on-time and on-budget. Whether it’s expediting deliveries by air, affordable shipping by sea, or truckloads on the road, DSV is well equipped to provide you with precisely tailored cross-border shipping solutions when moving freight across the US-Mexico border.

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Warehousing logistics

At DSV, we recognize the importance of having flexible warehousing options. That is why our unique network of facilities offers a range of services, including bonded warehousing, foreign trade zones (FTZ), and nearly 600,000 square feet of open warehouse space, all strategically located along the US-Mexico border. Our expertise and infrastructure provide you with inventory management to multichannel fulfillment services for e-commerce logistics and more. With automated solutions and state-of-the-art equipment, DSV’s warehousing operations ensure your goods are always secure and easily accessible to meet all your cross-border requirements.

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Customs clearance

When it comes to transporting cargo across the US-Mexico border, our dedicated team of customs brokerage and compliance experts work together to seamlessly manage all aspects of your customs clearance procedures. We ensure that all necessary customs documentation is completed correctly and in compliance with relevant regulations at the border, including tariff classification, compliance verification, and duty payment. By partnering with DSV, you benefit from the smooth and timely transport of your freight without delays or additional costs.

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Supply chain optimization

Design, consolidate, and improve your global network efficiency with OptiMex! Whether you work in aerospaceautomotive, energyhealthcare, industrialretail, technology, or anything else, we can tailor our solutions to meet any of your cross-border requirements, providing you full visibility and control over your supply chain operations.

Streamline your cross-border supply chain

  • Multimodal transportation

    Customized transportation

    Multimodal transport methods to move your goods from origin to destination.
  • Warehousing logistics

    Warehouse management

    Flexible warehousing solutions at strategic locations near the US-Mexico border.
  • Customs brokerage

    Integrated customs partner

    Effective compliance controls essential for managing all your customs risks.
  • Shipment tracking & visibility

    Full shipment visibility

    Gain enhanced control and visibility of your supply chain in real-time all in one place.

Dedicated Client Center of Excellence

At DSV, we understand that business is more efficient when communication is direct. For this reason, we have established a dedicated Client Center of Excellence to create a personalized solution that will take your US-Mexico cross-border operations to the next level. Our team of skilled professionals will make your supply chain needs their priority, providing you a single point of contact to handle all your transportation and logistics requirements. Contact us today:


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US-Mexico consolidation


Our own controlled road freight consolidation network connecting the United States and Mexico with scheduled departures and arrivals:

+ Strategic terminals
+ Scheduled departures
+ Track and trace shipments

Helping you streamline planning, optimize workflows, and increase cross-border visibility across your supply chain.

Check out our southern border capabilities:

We do not handle personal effect shipments

Due to security restrictions, we do not deal directly with private customers. DSV only serves businesses, including businesses shipping to private customers.

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