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The construction industry is changing the way we live on many levels: firstly, in the new buildings created for living and working and secondly in a strong cross-industry focus on energy-efficiency and more sustainable construction solutions. This requires a logistics and transport partner that can deliver on your performance requirements while contributing to your sustainability objectives.

Transport your business can rely on

Whether you need to move a shipment of high-value home sensors or high-volume insulation material, DSV has the solution you need. With our global network of transport providers, we can move your shipments by air, road and sea – or a combination of transport modes – so they reach their destination safely, on time and on budget. We work with trusted suppliers all over the world so we can offer you a capacity guarantee in flexible, scalable and more sustainable transport solutions.

Simplifying your logistics operations

We offer a range of different logistics services and solutions for the construction materials and technology industry that can take the complexity out of your supply chain. Our supply chain services are used by customers throughout the industry and are always tailor-made to your needs, whether that’s warehouse storage for low-value, high-volume products or e-commerce solutions for high-tech equipment for intelligent buildings.


A shared environmental responsibility

We work to support the building materials and electrical equipment industries’ sustainability goals by minimizing the environmental impact of our transport and logistics solutions.

With services ranging from CO2 reporting tools, optimization of your supply chain flow through consolidation and modes shift, to use of cleaner fuels in transport, we work with you to develop sustainable solutions that deliver on both your business and CSR objectives.

Control Tower / 4 PL for full visibility 

To help you monitor and track your supply chain, we offer a number of visibility tools. These can be integrated with your own systems so you have full access to real time track and trace functionality across your supply chain.


We also partner with customers in the construction industry to offer them the exact levels of visibility and reporting required. This gives you the best foundation on which to make business decisions.   

For example, our control tower solutions collect and integrate data from a variety of sources and pass it on to you and your team in a consistent and standardized format. This gives you a full overview of your construction materials and technology supply chain and all the risks and opportunities you encounter.

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