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Safety and convenience just two of the DSV Locker’s benefits

  • Convenient

    Sender, receiver and driver don’t have to be in the same place at the same time
  • Safe

    Around 400 lockers countrywide, mostly at 24/7 Engen service stations – so it’s always safe to drop-off or pick-up a parcel
  • Easy to use

    Just buy the right package at Engen, pop it into the locker. And you can send as many parcels as you like
  • Transparent

    Track the parcel as it moves along its journey. The recipient will get and email and SMS when the parcel is ready for collection with a secure pin code and directions to the locker
  • Efficient

    No double handling, no waiting around. Better planning of mail and parcel movement. Cuts cost, boosts efficiency
  • Customer-friendly

    Tailor-made to fit into your customers’ lifestyles – SMS and email notification, up to 48 hours to collect parcels – and dedicated client and customer support
  • Secure

    Remote monitoring. CCTV. Data protection. Reduced points of failure. Tamper detection. Temperature controlled
  • Returns

    Returning goods is easy to do
  • Footprint

    Over 400 locations to choose from around the country
  • Help

    Support desk: 0861 000 853
    Mon to Fri - 7am to 6pm
    Saturdays - 8am to 1pm

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