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Investing in South Africa's youth through Social responsibility programmes

Healthy living, work-life balance and youth development are important strategic focus areas and underpin some of our high profile corporate social responsibility projects, such as the DSV Shift Academy and the SA Rugby Legends (SARLA).  

Our CSI efforts encompass various programs and partnerships aimed at fostering sustainability, education, healthcare, and social well-being.  We are dedicated to being a responsible corporate citizen and contributing to the betterment of society through our actions and investments.

Shift academy cyclists in full gear

DSV Shift Academy programme

The DSV Shift Academy develops promising cyclists into well-rounded, responsible adults.

In addition to standard physiological coaching, Academy members attend educational talks on a range of topics from life skills advice, social media skills, to bicycle maintenance and racing tactics. Grade 10, 11 and 12 members also get career guidance and parents are kept regularly informed of their progress.

After school, the riders complete their homework before training on the track and surrounding roads. The training is supervised and based on each rider’s level and goals with a professional coaching plan, and there is race entry and race day support, with the overall focus on grooming the riders to reach provincial and national level.

SA Rugby legends pose for group photo

South African Rugby Legends Association

DSV’s sponsorship helps SARLA maintain its VUKA sustainable rugby programme, a partnership between SARLA and the South African Rugby Union (SARU) which promotes rugby in disadvantaged communities.

Development projects focus on young players in disadvantaged communities who have traditionally been excluded from structured rugby training and grassroots level competition. By nurturing the personal growth and athletic potential of these youngsters, we hope they gain the skills and confidence they need to succeed  on and off the field.

Vuka seeks to uplift individuals, and by extension communities, by creating opportunities for talented players to develop to professional levels. Some 2,200 youngsters aged between 15-17 receive regular training from qualified coaches, and teams play one another at regional tournaments to develop a sense of belonging and aspiration.

These sponsorships complement our commitment to youth development through the DSV’s Learnership Programme (more than1,900 learnerships completed in 18 years) and the DSV Empowerment Trust, which has awarded more than 1,098 bursaries to black youth since 2005.

sisters journey through cleft surgery

Operation Smile

DSV and Operation Smile have joined forces recently for a project based in Mthatha.  DSV provided assistance in transporting vital resources needed for this significant project from Cape Town to its destination.

Operation Smile has been at the forefront, providing safe cleft surgery to hundreds of patients across South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa.  their mission extends beyond surgery, it involves offering crucial medical expertise, conducting essential research, and providing compassionate care through their dedicated team and vast network of medical and student volunteers.

By working in close partnership with local governments, non-profit organisation, and health systems, Operation Smile has embarked on an ambitious journey to expand healthcare access.  Their unwavering goal is to ensure that one million patients in need of cleft surgery worldwide receive the care they require.  

This collaborative effort between DSV and Operation Smile made a substantial and lasting impact on the community, underscoring the power of collective commitment to a noble cause.

Interesting statistics from this collaboration:

  • 4 tonnes of resources was transported by DSV from Cape Town to Mthatha and back to Cape Town at the end of the project
  • Operation Smile screened 36 patients
  • 22 Patients ranging from the age of 6 months to 21 years received cleft palate surgery
  • 6 Patients received speech evaluations

The life-changing screening and surgeries for cleft lip or cleft palate took place over a 3-day period and DSV is grateful to have been part of this project.

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