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We explore and develop innovative solutions

In a rapidly changing world, people have higher demands to the products and services they purchase while technology provides smarter ways to supply.

At DSV, we believe that with cutting-edge operations and the right products on the shelves, customers will choose us. We stay inspired and embrace innovation by digitising our core business and creating new digital logistics solutions – all for the benefit of the customer experience.

Technology trend radar illustration

Innovation takes place on all levels at DSV and in many countries around the world.

The DSV Innovation Hub drives our global innovation efforts on a group level, and reports directly to the executive management. 

Our skilled team helps DSV embrace digital transformation and collaborates actively with tech innovators and start-ups to ideate, test and develop the best solutions in the market. 

From corporate strategy to innovative practice

Our strategy and governance framework

Innovation infographic

Our thesis for the future of the industry

The future of the industry is characterized by increasing digitization, regulation, and a call for greener and more resilient supply chains. This development is driven in part by global mega trends that are pushing the industry and will have a major impact on the way we do business in the future.

Some of our previous innovation projects

Digital Warehouse Twin

We have established a full Digital Warehouse Twin with a combination of 3D model with current information from live data (such as tracking and computer vision) and data from other systems such as dimensions, throughput, or inventory of individual products or materials.

Pallets loaded with goods, secured with plastic wrap and netting, ready for transport or storage

Digital Cargo Twin

We have implemented in-motion scanning solution, which accurately captures weight & dimensions from pallets. The physical dimensions of cargo are mirrored into a digital twin. Hence, a digital cargo twin provides better data foundation for planning, execution and invoicing of transports.

A forklift operator at work, seated in the driver's compartment of a forklift

Offshore cargo drones

We have implemented autonomous drones for spare parts delivery to technicians offshore (e.g. windfarms and oilrigs) or remote. Hence, they provide a fast and cost-efficient alternative compared to traditional modes of transport.

The ocean from the air

Visibility platform

We offer a visibility platform to enable live cargo tracking using active trackers on shipment level and asset trackers. You will thereby obtain complete supply chain visibility, which ensures transport compliance.

DSV semi-truck traveling on a highway, captured from a side angle focusing on the rear part of the trailer and the cab

Semi-autonomous trucks to mitigate driver shortage

DSV are partnering with leading Truck Manufacturers and Technology Companies to test semi-autonomous driving. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are key to improve the safety and comfort of our drivers. 

Two semi-trailer trucks parked side by side within a loading dock, under the shelter of logistics facility

Autonomous Inventory Drones

We have implemented autonomous drone system to track goods without human interaction and detect if pallet positions are empty or occupied. The system thereby minimizes disruption and improves quality of warehouse operations.

Drone on the floor of a warehouse. In the background is a man wearing a hard hat and a vest, operating the drone with a remote control

Our offshore cargo drones

See how our offshore cargo drones work 

Any questions or suggestions?

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