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The DSV Locker offers flexibility, which means the driver, parcel, recipient or sender don’t need to be at the same place at the same time

The DSV Locker is your popular any-time courier option. If you are a consumer or a Small Medium Enterprise wanting send or receive parcels using the DSV Locker VISIT DSV DIRECT HERE.

There are around 400 lockers strategically located at fuel forecourts, and other publicly accessible locations near your customers, who can collect and send parcels at their convenience.

The DSV Locker combines courier services with smart lockers to deliver a complete delivery service to customers in the e-commerce and other direct-to-consumer services, and cuts costs and increases efficiencies. 

You and your customers can access click-through links to our maps which will show you where your parcel is at any time, and your customer will be notified by SMS and email when the parcel is ready for collection – all because the locker management system is integrated into our business and transport management systems so we can geolocate parcels at any time. 

DSV Locker

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  • eCommerce

    Click and Collect combines online purchasing choice with offline collection convenience
  • In-field solutions

    We deliver parts to a locker close to your technician’s home at night, ready for collection first thing in the morning. Research shows a 30% saving in travel time, reduced fuel costs and less wear and tear on vehicles
  • Education

    Enables colleges, universities and other learning institutions to offer students the convenience of picking up their parcels and mail during “student hours”
  • Mail rooms and accountable mail

    Our locker is reusable and accommodates letters, flats and small packages, and cuts traditional mailroom risks and costs
  • Financial services

    The perfect way for your customers to collect sensitive mail

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