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Emissions Trading System (ETS) for shipping (ferry crossings)

From January 2024, shipping (including ferry crossings) is included by the European Union initiative called ETS. This initiative serves to achieve the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. As a consequence of the entry into force of the ETS, companies generating CO2 emissions are charged in relation to the amount of their emissions in order to encourage them to take action to reduce them.

ETS costs, as announced by shipping lines, are transferred directly to their customers, which means the implementation of new fees, among others for ferry crossings that are part of the transport services provided by DSV Road for selected routes.

Therefore, from January 1, 2024, the "ETS" freight surcharge is introduced for international transport services for customers of DSV Road Sp. z o. o. according to the table below:

Country from/to Country to/from GRP/LTL rate per 100kg (payweight)* FTL rate per shipment
PL SE, NO 0,11 20,00
PL FI 0,05 9,00 
PL IE 0,05 9,60
PL UK 0,04 7,00 
PL DK (for zip codes that start with 1, 2, 3, 4) 0,05 10,00 

* for each commenced 100kg
* maximum value of charge for GRP/LTL shipments may not exceed value of charge for FTL

The "ETS" surcharge is a separate position on the invoice for services.**

**unless otherwise agreed with the Customer.

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