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Added value for our truckers! Our subcontractors benefit from many special services.

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At DSV Road, we maintain a long-standing and close partnership with our hauliers. That’s why our service providers benefit from many perks and services, such as customized fuel solutions, roadside assistance or spare parts service.

DSV Fuel Solutions - taking care of everything

DSV Road cooperates with major fuel suppliers for the benefit of our partners and subcontractors. This enables us to offer the DSV fuel card at unbeatable conditions. DSV settles fuel costs for partners driving for DSV and charges them against the freight.

Advantages at a glance (international fuelings):

  • More than 600 filling stations throughout Europe
  • All major roads in Europe
  • Open 24 hours a day
  • Fully automated self-service stations
  • Easy access for trucks
  • Toll service
  • VAT refunding

Advantages at a glance (in Germany):

  • Improved liquidity, as subcontractors do not have to make advance payments in relation to fuel costs
  • Less administrative effort as DSV takes care of card handling
  • Very good conditions due to DSV's purchasing strength
  • DSV Homesite – largest own network with 2,500 filling stations and special conditions in Germany
  • TruckNet Germany – with first-class supply for all drivers on all main routes
  • CO2 compensation – green fueling

Free EETS Box

As an entrepreneur, you can benefit from one of the leading solutions for Germany-wide toll processing - the free and deposit-free ARAL Toll Box for EETS (European Electronic Toll Services). Drive conveniently throughout Germany and Europe with just one on-board unit. DSV covers the entire administration. Technical questions are answered by Trafineo OneRoadService. No pre-financing is necessary, DSV settles with credit notes to the existing payment term. 

Road Service and Spareparts

With our own roadside assistance service, we help our drivers via DSV Equipment when things go wrong. We also open our workshops for semi-trailers and tractors from our subcontractors. In addition, we are happy to help our entrepreneurs with useful utensils such as tension belts, edge savers, helmets or vests.

Ultra Seal

Since 2016, DSV has been equipping all trailer tyres with Ultra Seal. Ultra Seal is a preventative tyre sealing fluid that repairs most holes while driving, eliminating unnecessary downtime.

Westlake Tyres

Westlake Tyres is developed with German know-how and produced in Thailand by ZC-Rubber, one of the largest tyre manufacturers in the world. DSV has been using Westlake Tyres in its fleet since 2012 and is the exclusive distributor of truck and bus tyres in Scandinavia. In our DSV trailer workshops, we offer Westlake tyres to all contract haulers as well as to the commercial vehicle market.


Carriers and drivers in Europe can now benefit from our vast experience in the maintenance and repair of our own trucks and trailers through workshops. Learn more.

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