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Introducing DSV’s Electronic Bond Store

DSV Electronic Bond Store

Our Electronic Bond Store (EBS) will add a new digital dimension to your importing needs, providing greater control, visibility and compliance – and improved cash flows and operational processes.

The SARS approved EBS is a customs-controlled secure warehouse where we can store, check or add value to your goods prior to you paying duty and VAT, which can be deferred until the goods are sold in South Africa, or for up to a maximum of 24 months.

You will benefit from the EBS if you:

  • Have limited turnover on a product but a high customs duty bill.
  • Are a distribution point for imported product with a noteworthy quantity of exports.
  • Are currently claiming drawbacks on exports.
  • Want to improve your cashflow by keeping your goods in the bonded warehouse until you are ready to complete your transaction.
  • Have time-sensitive response needs which would previously have excluded a viable bonded solution.

The EBS is agnostic to the warehouse management system (WMS), working with either DSV’s WMS or your WMS, requiring little or no integration with your WMS. It doesn’t impact normal warehousing operations processes and earns the trust of customs by timeously and accurately bringing outstanding duty and VAT to account. It also eliminates the need for segregated storage of bonded and duty paid stock – and saves you the cost of a traditional bonded warehouse.


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