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Coronavirus in China affects national and international transport to and from the country

Various security measures related to the outbreak of coronavirus in China affect the country's infrastructure and the possibilities of transporting goods.

The Chinese authorities have introduced various security measures at national level, in provinces as well as cities in an attempt to shut down the outbreak of the health-threatening coronavirus.

Public institutions have been told to stay closed and events with larger assemblies have been banned from taking place.  

National extension of the Chinese New Year
The ongoing celebration of the Chinese New Year, with holidays up to 30 January, has officially been extended until 2 February. 

The official extension of the Chinese New Year means that the infrastructure is hit during the period, making it difficult to implement domestic transport as well as import and export to the country.

Suzhou and Shanghai
In the million cities of Suzhou and Shanghai, offices will remain closed for even longer.

The latest announcement from Suzhou is that businesses may not open until Saturday, February 8. 

In Shanghai, authorities have announced that companies may not resume operations until Monday, February 10. 

Quarantine Wuhan
The city of Wuhan has been quarantined along with 13 other neighboring cities in Hubei Province. The quarantine means that transport to and from these areas is not possible. 

In addition, we have received several reports from DSV in China that truck drivers have been prevented from carrying out a given transport due to the danger of being the carrier of the virus. 

Import or export
If you are importing or exporting to China, we recommend that you contact your suppliers / customers in China to hear more about local or unofficial measures that may affect your supply chain to and / or from the country.

DSV is closely following developments

In DSV, we naturally follow developments closely and are in contact with our colleagues in China. DSV in China has set up a working group that focuses on the development of the virus outbreak and is tasked with collecting information from authorities at national and local level.

The official extension of the Chinese New Year means that our DSV offices in China are first expected to open up depending on the local situation in the various provinces. 

Due to the situation and because the development in the fight against the virus outbreak is intensifying continuously, the above must be seen as a momentary description. 

If you are a DSV customer and have questions about your shipments to and from China, your usual contact person is available. 


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