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Andiswa Mayeza

Finance Controller, South Africa

What motivates me daily is my ability to advise on finance-related queries.  This gives me the comfort of knowing that I am of value, not only within my department but also to other departments of the organisation as well.

Benefits of working for a global company

Working for a global company like DSV gives one great exposure to exciting projects and the application of IRFS standards that wouldn't necessarily be available at smaller companies.  Having started as a financial controller for the Solutions division, and now for Air and Sea, i can say that there are many opportunities for growth within the local finance space.  I enjoy working together as a team as we are all supportive, hard workers with a great work ethic.

I love the friendliness of the people at DSV.  Everyone is always willing to help, and you can also reach out to management on anything, really.  Being in a shared service centre exposes one to the different business units within the company.  There are opportunities to enhance and implement internal controls, to communicate with the group on financial and technical matters.

What I am most passionate about working at DSV

I am passionate about my growth.  Not only my own growth but the growth of those I work with as well.  I am passionate about helping others achieve success and have since started spending my weekends assisting university students with their assignments, projects and so on.  My heart is fulfilled knowing that I can be of help to others.

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