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Boipelo Leballo

Key Account Manager, South Africa

A good day always starts off with a prayer and a strong cup of coffee! I like to start each day by going over my schedule, making sure any calls or meeting I have are top of mind and getting any necessary prep work done.

My days involve attending and chairing meetings, generating leads, preparing proposals, advising stakeholders on their supply chain needs and providing operational support.  I also spend time managing my own admin and I have a team of people that report to me and whom I support and coach daily.

Benefits of working for a global company

Some of the benefits of working for a global company include exposure to the trending techniques and methodologies of the industry and being at the forefront of innovation, due to our diversity.  An added advantage are the myriad resources available to us, which ensure that we grow as an organisation.

I work with like-minded individuals who value excellence.

What I love about working for DSV

The culture here is fantastic, people are positive and always willing to lend a helping hand.  We truly live by the saying:  "we are all in this together".

What opportunities do you believe are available for people in your area

There are always opportunities, it's up to the individual to raise their hand and put themselves forward.  There are opportunities to broaden your skills in operations, warehousing and customer engagement, to name a few.

Why should people join DSV

DSV is a top-rated global organisation which is constantly expanding through strategic acquisitions whilst providing positive returns to its shareholders.  Need I say more?

DSV cares about its people - you'll be given great responsibility and with that comes great opportunity to learn and grow.

What are you passionate about and what do you love about being part of the Sales organisation

I am passionate about food, family and my faith.  What I enjoy most about being part of the Sales forces is the interaction with customers.  I manage multiple clients in different industries and talking to the stakeholders allows me to be creative.  The knowledge and experience gained is truly valuable.

What I do touches so many areas of the organisation and there is never a dull moment in the sales department.

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