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Girneve Roach

Freight Forwarder, South Africa

My day-to-day life as a freight forwarder in DSV requires me to be nothing less than a multitasking master to bring together the shipper with the various other intermediaries within the supply chain process.  My main responsibilities are to handle shipments from start to finish within the Air Import department - arranging forwarding, customs clearance billing, the tracking of cargo to ensure that the consignee received the goods in good order and good condition, within the agreed upon estimated time of arrival and the client's required KPIs.

I believe my contribution to the overall success of DSV comes through my understanding of the importance of customer service and individual clients' requirements.  Additionally, through managing my time, delegating tasks and communicating effectively and efficiently.

Benefits of working for a global company

Because DSV is a global company, working here increases your exposure to the various divisions of the organisation and you get opportunities for job movement within the company.  DSV invests in their employees' careers through internal and external training and educational programs, as well as variety of graduate programs and learnerships.

What do you love about working for DSV

What I love is that the Freight Forwarding we have an amazing support structure and an even greater sense of team spirit among management and employees.  Even with our busy schedules, committees ensure that birthdays and special events are always celebrated.  The overall process of moving cargo from A to B is usually quite similar but, in dealing with international freight in the current market conditions, no day is the same.  We are often confronted by unique challenges, and this teaches you to stay on your toes and adapt in order to quickly find viable solutions for our clients.

Why should people join DSV

Because DSV is a leading global company, I believe one would definitely want to be part of the organisation due to its numerous opportunities and the exposure and experience there is to gain.

A global company like DSV is a gateway into the logistics industry and a career which allows you to see the world.  Within the DSV family there is no limit to what you're able to achieve, so long as you are willing to put in the work.

What are you passionate about

I'm passionate about supply chains and freight forwarding regularly brings different challenges which makes it interesting - the role of a freight forwarder is anything but monotonous.  You never know exactly what you're walking into but with the support of your management and fellow employees there's always a way forward.

Why did you get chosen to be an Employee of the Quarter

I believe I was chosen as employee of the quarter because I always go above and beyond to satisfy our clients and ensure their needs are met, no matter the workload in our department, by being a positive team player and being willing to assist wherever I can.  The commendations I've received from some of our most strategic automotive clients, with stringent supply chain requirements and line stop challenges, speak volumes.

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