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Black female marketing professional

Gugu Sobolewski

Marketing Learner, South Africa

Gugu spends her days creating content and publishing it on the company's social media platforms, as well as interacting with DSV's audience and customers.  She schedule the daily posts - plan them, check them and making necessary changes.

She believe her text, image and video content contributes to the success of the company by engaging DSV's target market.  In addition to posting content, she follows online conversations and respond to customers' queries and concerns.

What are the benefits of working for a global company according to Gugu

One of the benefits of working in a global company is your exposure to numerous areas and sectors of the business.  She is continuously meeting new people, learning about different cultures, broadening her understanding of other people, and gaining insights into how and why they make their decisions.  This helps her growth as a team player and in turn increases her value as an employee.

DSV invests in the development and careers of their employees through internal and external continuing education as well as on-the-job-training.  Global companies offer more opportunities for development and growth - there are so many people, and experts, to learn from, something which is great for my professional and personal development.

Why do you enjoy working at DSV

Gugu enjoys working at DSV because she is told, and shown, that what she does for the company makes a difference.  "DSV makes me feel as though I am here for a reason and that my contributions have an impact.  On top of this, there are ample opportunities for growth within the company".

Working in social media, you are talking with real people, as you encourage them to actively engage with the DSV brand.

Benefits of joining DSV

Gugu believes people should join DSV because they invest in their employees.  They give you access to education and training, allowing you to grow and develop new skills.  They value their employees and every type of qualification - from truck driver to operations, and everything between.

What are you passionate about

Gugu is passionate about her growth and development, both professionally and personally, about her success and achieving her full potential.

What do you love about being part of the department you are in

"I enjoy working in my department because it's collaborative and there's a sense of teamwork.  We all communicate with one another effectively and if you need help with something, there's always someone there for you".

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