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Sukriti Maharaj

Freight Forwarder, South Africa

I enjoy the extensive teaching that I get daily.  On the day I joined the company I clearly remember my manager saying that I should learn something new every day.  And, since that day I have indeed learned something new each day.

I love being able to see my textbooks come to life when I look at the warehouse and to know that the things I was taught are being used here.  The innovation at DSV is also something to look out for, it never fails to amaze.

What it meant to Sukriti being part of the DSV Grads program

Personally, it feels like I'm a part of a support system.  As well as the experience I've gained along the way, I've also found some amazing friends, mentors and role models.

It's the little things - a quick update on how things are going, someone checking up or simply just seeing a familiar face in the building - that really helps.  That's what the grad program did for me, it assisted with the transition from university life to working life, a process that went more smoothly than I'd anticipated.

In the back of my mind, I always knew that I wasn't alone in this and that was very reassuring.

What your day looked like as a Grad and what kind of support you received

My day-to-day was quite different!  A month after I started we were hit by the pandemic and life as we knew it, or as I had imagined it, changed entirely.

It was a strange couple of months where we were adapting to the "new normal".  Training sessions were online, and my catch phrase very quickly became "sorry, I did not see I was on mute"!

I think returning to the office was good, and I believe I've learnt a lot by just being in the office and being able to converse with my colleagues.  The Covid rules meant I didn't get to visit other departments, however, I did become an integral part of my current team, whilst doing what I love. I always felt heard, which is very important to me.

How Sukriti believes she contributes to the overall success of DSV

Working for DSV XPress, doing a little bit of everything.  I always say that we do everything and more.  No matter the size of your contribution, it all counts!  I believe we're paving the way for the future and, even if we take one small step in the right direction, anything is possible.

Though my team is smaller than most, my colleagues are very supportive and always push me to do better.  I always tell people that I got the best manager around.  He's been my biggest supporter, motivator and mentor.  For me, the most important thing is trust and he trusted me from the start, for that, I will forever be grateful.

Benefits of working for a global company

There are so many benefits to working for a global company.  The fact that you can learn from so many other people and from their experience, you get a support system like no other.  DSV is always empowering their people and motivating them to do better.  

Along with that, there's endless opportunities available while working for a global company like DSV.  "The world is your oyster" and you can interact with people from across he globe.

I believe the thing that sets DSV apart from other companies in the industry is that we bring new, high-tech innovations into the field and yet we haven't lost the human element in the way that we conduct business.

What opportunities do you believe are available for Grads

For Grads at DSV there are many valuable opportunities.  You can continuously learn and uplift yourself.  You'll be able to network and develop bonds throughout the industry and, with DSV being so large and having so many different specialities, you are bound to find something that speaks to your soul.

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