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Black female business professional at DSV

Tsholofelo Nkachele

Freight Forwarder, South Africa

Tsholofelo Nkachela is a graduate from University of Johannesburg and holds a degree in Logistics Management.  She started with DSV in 2019 under a learnership program, which was the start of an amazing journey filled with personal and professional development and growth for her.

What she believes the benefits are of working in a global company

I moved from a learnership to a graduate program in 2020 and then COVID hit.  It was a really difficult time because the company was trying to navigate through all the challenges brought on by the pandemic.  During these uncertain times DSV quickly developed strategies and put structures in place to make it possible for the program to start running again.

What I love about working for DSV

I've had such a great experience being a DSV graduate because the different learning programs that were developed prepared us for the working environment and equipped us with knowledge and skills that I now apply not only to my professional life, but to my personal life as well.

In the beginning it was a challenge finding my feet within the working environment but with the support from management and amazing culture within DSV it became easier by the day.

Opportunities I believe are available

I started helping different departments which in turn exposed me to many of the different aspects of the company.  While moving between departments I joined the Estimate department and was really drawn to the steps and processes involved in creating a quote and I felt that there was a lot more to learn.  During my stay in the department, I really developed my communication skills and the incredible support I received from my supervisor and the rest of the team gave me the confidence to go hard in everything I do.

In November 2021 I moved into Operations, specifically ocean exports, where I later received a permanent position and, with the support of my team and manager, in less than 5 months I was entrusted with handling my own shipments.

Why I believe people should join DSV

The benefits of working for a global company is job security and the potential for growth and development.  They have amazing programs which broaden your knowledge as well as your skills.

What sets DSV apart is the care they have for the environment and the programs they're implementing, such as going paperless in an industry driven by paperwork.  They have a tireless urge to grow and focus not only on the company itself but also on the people who make it what it is.  I love the open-door policy they have between management and employees, and the continued support and motivation I received as a graduate has been nothing short of amazing.

My proudest moment in DSV came as I made it into the top three in a LEAN project - something which bolstered my passion to efficiently run operations and the elimination of waste.

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