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Black Male IT Professional

Vincent Maribadzi

Service Delivery Manager, Regional IT Services

My day usually starts in the early morning and before I leave the house, I read my business-related communication channels and check in with my colleagues to make sure there isn't a critical issue that need my involvement.  Once I leave for the office my day can go in many different directions, depending on what is happening locally and globally.

Regionally, I am responsible for the day-to-day management of the Operations Support Centre team, based at DSV Park - Gauteng.  Our core function is providing access to most local applications as well as network monitoring and outage management.

All WAN requests in Sub-Saharan Africa falls under my umbrella of expertise.  If I am not busy with my regional responsibilities, I am managing global projects and high-priority incidents that affect our region.  

Benefits of working for a global company

I have been given the chance to showcase my talent and to work with different people from all over the world.  Over and above everything else, I love the fact that DSV offers plenty of opportunities for growth and development, both locally and internationally.

Why people should join DSV

If you are looking to learn, grow and advance your career, then DSV is the right place to be.  DSV, as a global organisation, gives you access to a wealth of information, training and work experience.  

There are so many positive reasons to join, but what I enjoy the most is the chemistry and cohesion of the team.  We all have our role to play but we are connected like a spiderweb.

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