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Aalborg Zoo

When a customer's cargo needed very special handling, DSV's specialists were once again on hand with expertise and precise planning.

Last time Aalborg Zoo needed us was for a polar bear that needed to be kept refrigerated. This time it was the opposite –black caiman crocodiles that have to be kept at 25C during the whole of their journey to Arizona in the USA.

The zoo had containers built to specifications provided by DSV. The crocodiles are between 1 and 3 years old and about 180 centimetres long – about as long as an average person is tall. So they’re quite a handful to say the least – and could easily inflict serious injury.

The best way to transport them is in tubes with air holes, so they cannot turn around and get stressed from the journey. They can cope with a week like this and without water, as long as the temperature is a constant 25C.

The containers were packed with heat packs to help maintain the correct temperature, then loaded into a pre-heated truck to be driven to a specially heated room at the airport to await their flight.

Specially warmed baggage trucks drove them to the aircraft with a pre-prepared cargo hold, which was of course also at the right temperature.

Planning the various stages of the transport needs an enormous amount of care, not least as the crocodiles are an endangered species part of a breeding programmer to ensure their survival.

DSV can guarantee the correct temperature at every stage of the journey, and keeps us well-informed all the way

Rikke Kruse Nielsen, Head Zoologist at Aalborg Zoo

About Aalborg Zoo

Founded in 1935, Aalborg Zoo in Denmark is not just a place to visit but also a research centre and a member of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums, contributing to conservation of endangered species throughout the world..

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