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Pilot Pen uses DSV for shipments from its Nordic central warehouse in Stockholm to retailers in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, the Baltics, and Iceland.

"We have a wide range of pens, ranging from medium-cost to really exclusive and valuable pens," says Mika Letoff, Logistics and purchasing manager at Pilot Pen Nordic.

Mika continues: "It is crucial for us that transport and logistics are an integral part of the overall quality experience that we offer our customers when they buy pens from Pilot Pen".
That is why we are happy to work with DSV and their way of handling our shipments. The drivers are always professional and they pick up on time. They are also flexible when we need it.

Mika Letoff, Logistic / Purchase manager at Pilot Nordic

Pilot Pen has a regular booking and DSV's freight forwarders know them well. All shipments, regardless of the recipient country, are collected by a single truck, which saves a lot of time for Pilot Pen. Their different systems interact with DSV and each other via EDI.

Pilot Pen's goods are ready when DSV arrives between 14:30 and 15:00 every weekday, and the truck can be loaded very quickly. At the Länna terminal, the goods are then unloaded and split by recipient country.

The goods to be distributed to Denmark are distributed on two trucks to DSV's terminals in East or West Denmark depending on where in the country the retailer is located. It takes about seven hours to drive through Sweden, including the driver's rest breaks. After arriving at the Danish terminal, the goods are reloaded onto local distribution trucks which then deliver the pens to the dealers. After only 36 hours, Pilot Pen's pens are available for purchase at retailers' stores.

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About Pilot Pen

Pilot Pen is a Japanese company spanning the world. The company was founded in 1918 and has been in Sweden since 1999. 

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