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Choose from our Inventory Optimisation (IO) menu to unlock value from your supply chain

DSV Inventory Optimisation Service

Sell more with a lot less inventory

We offer you comprehensive end-to-end inventory optimisation solutions to take maximum advantage of the inventory within your supply chain.


DSV Inventory Optimisation (IO) Service is a fully integrated perpetual service which harnesses our expertise and advanced software with your industry and company knowledge to gain a competitive advantage and unlock value in your supply chain.

The DSV IO Service runs in parallel with your inventory planning and replenishment functions. Customers share inventory data with us periodically (daily, weekly or monthly depending on requirements), and we develop customised forecasting models to predict your demand and use advanced inventory planning software to generate suggested orders, exception reports and rich business intelligence dashboards.

The DSV IO Service has a proven track record in

  • Generating incremental revenue growth of 15%
  • Reducing excess inventory by 25%
  • Increasing stock turns by 30%
  • Reducing out of stock incidents by 25%
Inventory Optimisation


DSV Demand Planning Service

Better accuracy through advanced analytics

DSV IO's team of master statisticians are qualified as demand forecasters and have experience across multiple industries, including retail, pharmaceutical, automotive, FMCG and more. We use leading forecasting and data visualization software that is configured to your environments. 

The DSV Demand Planning Service complements your S&OP Demand Review process. The best possible statistical forecast is provided to the customer as the base before market intelligence is added.

Intelligent BI dashboards are designed to improve decision making and the Demand Planning team actively drives continuous improvement through optimisation. Areas where strides have been made through innovative solutions are:

 Multi-level forecasting New product forecasting  Long term forecasting 
Optimal bin level calculation  Price elasticity of demand Supply lead time analysis 
 Inventory policy simulation    

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