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We are experiencing an unprecedented increase in natural disasters and man-made disruptions. War, political instability, trade expansion and global pandemics are having long term impacts on automotive supply chains. Faced with these challenges, you need a solution you can rely on.

What you need from your supply chain

DSV builds automotive supply chain solutions that focus on your priorities:
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At DSV we take a holistic approach to understanding your business and procurement strategies. We work with you to highlight their inherent advantages and disadvantages and their impact on your vehicle manufacturing supply chain.

DSV helps you define your objectives and measure what matters. Our flexible solution designs consider the challenges faced at each point of the supply chain. This allows you to plan confidently and ensure you have the vehicle components and parts you need to produce the systems and vehicles the automotive market demands.

Supply chain resilience-critical success factors

Enjoy world-class automotive supply chain solutions

Working with a trusted and experienced logistics partner like DSV, you benefit from an operationally streamlined and rationalised automotive supply chain plan. Together we methodically design and execute your supply chain taking into account cost, service, sustainability, risk and structure.

If you are designing a new supply chain or want assistance to optimise part or parts of your existing automotive supply chain, contact DSV’s industry experts.

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