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Our highly flexible retail logistics solutions facilitate the flow of product from order placement to store

Our unique retail logistics solutions will ensure your product is on your shelves at the right time to maximise sales.

Logistics for the consumer, retailing and fashion industries need to be highly flexible as rapid growth and exponential change are the standard, not the exception. Managing retail logistics in fashion markets requires supply chains that are increasingly reactive with technology that can help teams make decisions on urgent demand. Goods that sell steadily throughout the year need different models of supply chain than seasonal items with short shelf lives.

Our end to end inbound retail logistics management solutions facilitate the flow of product from order placement to store.

What does DSV offer the consumer, retailers and the fashion industry?

How can you help me be more competitive?
Our integrated services and technological capabilities help you to be more productive and efficient with agile supply chain solutions that are fully tailored to your requirements and expectations, and those of your customers. A global network of control towers, offices and warehouse facilities enables us to represent you from origin to destination, working directly with your suppliers and helping you manage your relationships with them.

How can you meet my customers' different needs?
Our best-in-class supply chain solutions provide a full range of superior services, including order management, contract logistics solutions, customs support and a wide variety of value-added services such as  visibility solutions. Whatever your requirements, we can configure the exact retail logistics solution you need.  

Can you integrate your technology with mine?
We can integrate our IT systems with your end-to-end order fulfilment systems providing order, item and SKU level visibility. We also offer integration of your e-commerce platform and the systems of your main freight forwarders to provide your customers with real-time inventory data, order status details and track and trace information. Read more.

What we offer

Our retail logistics services include:

Consumer goods
Global sourcing and production with strict on-time deliveries require a global network able to be agile and act fast on the needs of FMCG companies. No matter if it is visibility and optimisation of global air or ocean freight or urgent need of warehouse space and solutions, we are ready to innovate and execute.

Sports and leisure 
Winning is everything, and our operations deliver consistent performance all year round. Our value-added services range from sophisticated Lead Logistics and 4PL solutions to order management and flow optimisation. Our contract logistics solutions include quality inspection, price tagging, packaging up to your specific product assemblies, and kitting providing that extra edge to get your sports and leisure wear over the line first.

Consumer electronics 
We know being out of stock can mean out of a sale. Our retail logistics supply chain is geared to making sure a customer leaves with the product he or she wants. New product launches, reverse logistics and timely deliveries are our stock in trade. Our extensive global network ensures inbound freight capacity is delivered at scheduled times, and the economies of scale offered by our TAPA-A distribution centres minimise the logistics burden on your margins.

Home improvement / DIY
The home improvement and DIY markets are growing in developing markets, and our global network can get your products into homes in the most out-of-the-way places, while delivering the quality and flexibility retailers want. Our services include packaging or re-packaging, palletising or re-palletising, labelling or re-labelling and kitting. We manage waste, returns, stock levels and co-packing programmes.

"In with the new and out with the old" sums up today's world of fast fashion. Ever-shorter product life cycles, the lure of global brands, the rise of social media and multiple distribution channels demand a market-responsive and agile supply chain solution. Our end-to-end order management services combined with effective consolidation of shipments allow on-time delivery without compromising cost. We support coordination of your suppliers stretching from vendor management programs to running efficient and effective distribution centres on your behalf, so your retail logistics supply chain creates the required competitive advantage.

Personal care 
Our green and sustainable principles are embedded in the way we work and our supply chain mirrors your commitment as manufacturers of personal care products to sustainable sourcing, production and packaging.

Luxury goods and high fashion
We combine origin logistics, close to sourcing and act as your white glove agent on an end-to-end basis for luxury goods and supply chains. Combining effective origin logistics with destination logistics allows visibility throughout the supply chain and fast replenishment in major consumption areas. 

The highest standards in retail

Our health, safety and environment-related procedures comply with all local regulations, and our facilities are certified according to third party audited management systems.

DSV Purchase Order Management

Our easy-to-learn and easy-to-use modular support function for inbound operations provides visibility and proactive control of critical events within supply chain processes while saving capital investment and manpower.

This service is designed for small, medium and large companies in a variety of industries. It enables proactive, pre-emptive and predictable, cost-efficient control of product and material flows from a supplier to an inbound facility or warehouse. We give you the basis on which to take fast decisions upstream and report exceptions at order, item or even SKU level.

Learn more about purchase order management


Our premium e-commerce solutions provide you a level of comfort while your customers access products when they need them, at competitive prices, with various delivery options and an easy-to-use returns process.

  • Our network of multi-client facilities can hold variable inventory volumes, at decentralised or centralised locations, to meet your needs.
  • Our retail logistics supply chain solutions seamlessly connect each stage in the e-commerce purchasing process, facilitate your customer’s experience and reduce your total cost-to-serve.
  • First mile reliability – from inbound freight management through customs clearance and perfect order metric (POM), or in-country collection from manufacture.

  • Middle mile transparency – storage in our regional distribution centres or emergency bunker surcharge (EBS), order fulfilment and a wide range of customer-friendly value-added services – and all the while offering you full visibility of your product in our care.
  • Last mile choice – your customers can choose the time and place they want to receive the parcel, or they can opt for the more flexible option of collecting the parcel from one of our more than 400 strategically located DSV Lockers – at a time that suits them.
  • Reverse logistics – our returns process means your customers can easily return purchases as seamlessly as they buy them. 

Our DSV Locker is your popular any-time courier option. There are around 400 lockers strategically located at fuel forecourts and other publicly accessible locations, your customers can collect and send parcels at their convenience.


The DSV Locker combines courier services with smart lockers to deliver a complete delivery service to customers in the e-commerce and other direct-to-consumer services, and cuts costs and increases efficiencies.


Our reports provide full visibility of supply chain and retail logistics performance and enable analysis of logistics failures at a detailed level, facilitate supplier and carrier management, help identify supply chain risks, enable better planning and decision making and provide a foundation for fundamental business process improvement.

We provide generic solutions for smaller retail logistics customers and offer a fully configurable suite of products to larger customers requiring customisation and the ability to “slice and dice” the data for detailed analysis.

Continuous improvement

Our recommended solution depends on the complexity of your procurement processes and inbound supply chain. The solutions are fully scalable and can be introduced as a standard offering and can increase in complexity as the organisation grows and as the supply chain matures.

We identify opportunities for improving supply chain and retail logistics processes by using SCOR© and other methodologies, and this helps drive efficiencies for customers, reduces supply chain cost and improves supply chain control. 

DSV’s Supply Chain Innovation Team helps redesign or optimise supply chains and we use the SCOR© model to unpack and understand your supply chain and to align solutions with your strategy. 

Our reporting platform helps drive continuous improvement as opportunities are identified during half yearly and annual strategic reviews. 


Any questions?

Contact Ilse Botha, Senior Business Development Manager, Retail

Ilse Botha Senior Business Development Manager, Retail