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Fleet Management Technology

We use a range of technology applications to ensure the safety of your cargo, including:

  • GPS position tracking systems

    • On vehicle – Mix Telematics
    • Backup on camera system Real Cam
    • MOBILE APP Positioning
  • Cell phone communication on vehicle and MOBILE APP Drivers


  • On-board camera system with real time video access


  • Phone directly of important contact person on speed dial from vehicle and MOBILE APP

We designed our propriety Transport Management System (TMS) called Visual Freightrak (VFT) to transport high volume and complex logistics movements.


The system is fully supported by our in-house development and support team which allows us to offer you tailored solutions. VFT provides a fully integrated TMS solution with complete visibility through EDI and Web accessibility.


VFT has full EDI capabilities in receiving and sending EDI transactions and updates. A large number of such EDI interfaces have been implemented globally.


VFT enables DSV to provide full supply chain visibility by adding the following functionalities:

  • Full Order Management

    Notification of material release by MBSA through UBook, which is WEB enabled for the supplier to update. (This is similar to the CX(VDS) system with additional enhancements)
  • Receive notification and schedule pickup notification, including full shipment details:

    Order number
    No. of pallet/stillages/boxes or any other packing specific units
    No. of parts per pallet
    Unique pallet racking including part detail
    Actual weights and cubic meters
  • Full execution planning and scheduling based on time specific collections and deliveries

  • Full visibility reporting per shipment down to pallet and part level, real time.

  • EDI update of such status updates to you and your suppliers

  • Variance reporting on order level, parts order vs actual supply

  • Supply chain efficiency and metric reporting per supplier, carrier and delivery point

  • Barcode and or RF Idea scanning throughout process

  • WEB based track and trace at part and shipment level

  • Access to all documents, PODs on WEB

  • Automated billing and reporting

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