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We work closely with Customs enabling remote clearance for your cargo from any office. Our service levels are constant – even during high volume fluctuations – because our customs specialists commit to delivering maximum levels of performance, efficiency and quality on an ongoing basis. This is especially important for airfreight where timeframes are short and timely clearance of your goods means product on shelves on time.

We are one of the top contributors to the deferment scheme with Customs, our teams engage at multiple levels to ensure alignment with current and future Customs developments and we are accredited with SARS Customs and remain abreast of regulatory and legislative developments through our internal forum, the African Customs Board (ACB). 

Africa Customs Board (ACB)

The ACB is responsible for relationships at a senior level within SARS and for aligning our business units with SARS legislation. ACB meets monthly with Customs to discuss current and future projects. Regular audits are conducted on the various aspects of the business. All this ensures we provide you with the highest levels of service, particularly in navigating highly complex cross-border customs issues.

We are a member of the South African Association of Freight Forwarders (SAAFF) and keep abreast of industry issues both locally and globally.

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