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Our freight insurance gives you peace of mind

Protect your valuable goods against the risk of financial loss, lengthy claims handling and legal disputes, with cargo insurance from DSV Insurance, DSV's own cargo insurance company.


Premiums depend on the value and nature of the shipment, destination and mode of transport.


Why choose cargo insurance when transporting goods

Under national and international laws and conventions, or general terms and conditions, a freight forwarder’s liability is limited. It will not always cover your financial loss as a result of unforeseen circumstances during the transport of your goods.


DSV is committed to safe and secure cargo shipments. Cargo insurance gives you the added comfort of being protected against the unforeseen, such as loading incidents, extreme weather conditions or traffic accidents.


What does freight insurance cover?

DSV Insurance offers coverage of almost all types of cargo against accidents, incorrect handling and other perils that may cause damage to or loss of cargo.

Benefits to you

Incoterms and liability

The Incoterms rules describe the rights and duties between the buyer and seller of the transportation and delivery services. The Incoterms clarify who pays for what. They also set out who is liable in the event of any damage or loss of goods in transit. Read more about Incoterms here.


Get peace of mind with insurance for transport goods and protect your cargo against the risk of loss or damage. Speak to our experts from DSV Insurance and get a cargo insurance quote.


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