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DSV Wins Platinum, Bronze and Two Enviro Awards At Logistics Achiever Awards 2018

Waste solution, DSV Locker® keep winning streak going

Photo: Brett Sauerman, General Manager - DSV, Abdul Abrahams, Branch Manager - DSV, Billy Tshabalala, Business Owner – Basadi Recyling, Fikelwa Makhanda, Business Owner – Basadi Recyling, André Hough, Operations Director - DSV, Jacques du Plessis, Logistics Engineer - DSV and Greg Saffy, Managing Director - DSV, with four awards at the LAA

DSV South Africa won a Platinum, a Bronze and two Enviro awards at the Logistics Achiever Awards 2018.

DSV’s innovative DSV Locker won a Platinum Award, while the waste solution at the DSV Automotive Supplier Park in Rosslyn, Pretoria, won the Bronze award. Following the three DSV Gold awards in 2017. Both these entries also won Enviro awards. 

The Logistics Achiever Awards recognise professionalism and excellence in the effective application of strategic, tactical, and operational logistics and supply chain management principles, concepts, and practices in Southern Africa.

DSV CEO Keith Pienaar said the awards reflected DSV’s innovative, customer-centric approach to developing new services, and its deep commitment to job creation and protecting the environment. “Importantly, we are able to turn challenges into opportunities and then deliver significant economic and efficiency outcomes for our customers and the broader communities in which we live and work”, he said.

Basadi Recycling and the opportunity in waste

Apart from solving a growing waste problem at DSV Automotive’s purpose built, 38,000m2 aftermarket fulfilment facility in Pretoria, the waste solution has had the added benefits of supporting previously disadvantaged individuals into a new business venture and enhancing the company’s support for needy communities.
The fulfilment facility opened in 2007, and houses approximately 108,200 unique part numbers. The facility processes on average 17 inbound containers across all operations and ships approximately 4,500 order lines every day to over 200 dealers across South Africa and the BLNS countries.

But the success of the facility created challenges, not least with the waste generated by activities increasing by 300% between 2010 and 2016. Space constraints and compliance risks were compounded by the complexity of managing additional waste streams over time. “We recognised that waste management was not a core competency and as a result the waste streams were poorly managed and was posing a risk to both ourselves and our customers”, said Andre Hough, DSV Operations Director.

In addition, there has been little collaboration across operations over the years, resulting in the appointment of multiple providers. But the growing problems and increasing environmental awareness emphasised the need to make a change. “Once we had analysed the nature of the waste – cardboard made up 30% of the waste, crates accounted for 20%, while general waste, pallets and metal each accounted for 10% - we were better placed to develop solutions in terms of an Enterprise Development Initiative”, he said.

The appointment of a single provider to manage the waste streams was a logical move, and became more meaningful when Basadi Recyclying was established and registered with the Department of Trade and Industry – with a black male (49%) and black female (51%) shareholding. Procedural controls were put in place and the company’s performance would be managed through a Service Level Agreement.

The results have exceeded expectations: the supplier development programme has enabled both entrepreneurs to better understand and manage their business in a sound way, revenue has increased by 60% since inception and two general workers have been employed within the supplier park.
The broader community has also benefited through job creation (to use waste wood to build Wendy houses for less fortunate people at reasonable prices) and support of community organisations, including the Temogo Day Care Centre and Lebogang Creche.

DSV Locker: a convenient, cost effective way to deliver and collect parcels

The DSV Locker is a state-of-the-art smart digital locker that provides secure, convenient and cost-effective logistical solutions to a variety of industries.

DSV’s challenge was to meet customer and new business needs which encompassed both B2B and B2C, whereas DSV traditionally operated in the B2B space. 

In particular, managing higher volumes of lower value, single shipments to variable addresses was not consistent with DSV’s business model. The emergence of ecommerce accelerated the need for a solution which bridged the business – consumer divide.

The DSV Locker complements and works with any supply chain solution and solves challenges in both B2B and B2C. The majority (80%) of the DSV Lockers are located at Engen service stations. The other 20% serve Makro and are located at various high-traffic community and commercial locations.

The DSV Locker combines online choice with offline convenience. Customers buy online and collect their orders safely and securely at a time and place –at any one of the nearly 200 locations countrywide – convenient to them.
There are significant benefits for retailers too; the DSV Locker reduces overhead and cost on redeliveries and returns, simplifies the delivery process while enhancing security, provides a strict chain of custody with transactions recorded from start to finish (including CCTV), and frees up valuable instore space from storage and collection points.

It is anticipated there will ultimately be more than 450 DSV Lockers countrywide as DSV meets a growing need in many sectors:

eCommerce – Click & Collect – combines online choice with offline convenience. You buy online and collect your orders safely and securely at a time and place convenient to you. 

In-Field Technician Service – Instead of delivering parts to your depots, we deliver to a locker closest to your technician’s home, at night. This means the technician starts the day onsite, and research shows this service typically eliminates nearly 30% of a technician’s travel time, and reduces fuel costs and wear and tear on vehicles.

Education – Enables colleges, universities and other learning institutions to offer students the convenience of picking up their parcels and mail at “student hours”.

Mail rooms and accountable mail – Designed to fill a major void in the mail centre delivery process, the DSV Locker system is re-assignable and accommodates letters, flats and small packages, and addresses the risks and reduces the costs associated with the traditional mailroom.

Financial Services – Organisations and logistical companies around the world are always searching for more effective, efficient and secure ways to deliver increasing parcel numbers. Automated indoor and outdoor parcel lockers provide an alternative delivery solution that distributes goods to consumers, cost effectively, securely and conveniently, and the locker compliments the client’s defined workflows and operational practices. 

DSV PAK (Pre-Paid Parcel Services) – DSV Locker PAK solves complex, expensive and unreliable challenges for small to medium sized business. Costs are fixed and customers don’t need an account – simply buy the appropriate packaging from any participating retailer and send your parcel anywhere in South Africa.


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