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Customers embrace forklift flexibility

New service in South Africa offers more flexibility at less cost


Our recently introduced flexible forklift service offers you reduced costs with greater flexibility and follows the ongoing implementation of the concept in DSV sites around the world.

The concept is built around a standardised fleet of forklifts which we can draw from to make whatever adjustments are needed on any site – whenever they are needed.

We have entered into a 5-year contract with a single service provider, Jungheinrich, to lease forklifts across all our business units. This operational efficiency and flexibility means we can allocate the right machine for the right application – with the added benefit of consolidated settlements and cost controls.

All machines come with a full maintenance plan and Jungheinrich maintains batteries where applicable. Traditional forklift agreements offer less flexibility with lease periods typically tied to 48 or 60 months, and a greater portion of the liability would sit with the customer.

Before launching the new concept in May 2018, we had 276 machines from nine different service providers as well as a number of machines which we owned. We identified 19 standard or core machines we would need going forward, and this has simplified the rollout.

We have added more than 50 new Jungheinrich machines across all business units and are terminating machines as contract periods with different service providers come to an end, or changing where early exits without penalties are possible.

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