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Golden Week China | 1-7 October

Further to the DSV communication dated 10.09.20, kindly note that we have received further updates from the Shipping Lines that the Chinese Government will be enforcing the Golden week holiday from the 1st to the 08th October with most businesses only reopening on the the 12th October 2020. Over this time no shipping will be done and most lines will possibly introduce blank sailings

Vessel capacity before and after Golden week is going to be extremely high in demand and we will therefore need to forecast and make bookings well in advance to try and secure space and equipment.

Communication below dated 10.09.20

Chinese National Day is celebrated annually on the 01st of October, to commemorate the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

If you are importing from China, please ensure that this date is highlighted in your calendar as this national holiday will continue for 7 days and can cause a delay to your supply chain. It is important to therefore plan accordingly.
A great number of people in China take time off work during this festival to celebrate all over the country and visit their families. The impact of this for importers is that your Chinese suppliers will likely shut down for the week and your usual contacts will not be available. As a result, cargo flights are cancelled, ports operate with skeleton crews and carriers reduce their sailings to approximately 40% of average weekly capacity, which means there is a decline in product, in or out of China, during this time.

Golden Week China

Please note below summary of official notices received from Safmarine and MAERSK with regards to the blank sailings on the SAFARI and FW6 services (respective notifications attached to this correspondence for your reference): 

Golden week blank sailing:

  • Safari: Santa Ines Voy.041S
  • M-express: Minna Voy.043W

FW6 reinstatement:

  • First vessel to call Cape Town direct will be NileDutch Lion V.039W. This means that all of the following carriers on the same vessel sharing agreement will be affected:
Golden Week China 2
Planning is therefore key and your DSV representative is standing by to assist you in arranging your shipments pro-actively to limit disruption to your supply chain.
Should you have any questions relating to this communication, please contact your local DSV representative.

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