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DSV tailoring courier services around door-to-door and dedicated locker customers

The DSV Locker® at Engen service stations will no longer be operational effective 31 May 2024

a women sending a parcel using a DSV locker

Aligned to its strategy to enhance its operation and improve customer service, DSV is tailoring its courier service around door-to-door and dedicated locker customers, and will cease the operation of the DSV Locker® at Engen service stations at the end of May 2024. 

While there is growing demand for the convenience of door-to-door courier services and dedicated customer lockers, general public support for sending and receiving goods via lockers has been less than anticipated.

DSV’s dedicated customer lockers will number 340 by mid-2024, already significantly more than the approximately 260 DSV Lockers situated mainly at Engen service stations.

DSV customers making use of the prepaid PAK option currently available at Engen service stations can continue to send parcels through DSV’s easy-to-use online payment portal which can be found at:

DSV is also exploring alternative service options for customers who want to continue using lockers as a delivery method.

DSV and Engen have embarked on a phased approach to remove the DSV Locker®, along with the PAK stationery and stands, pending the termination of the service on 31 May 2024.

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