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Our innovative, reliable and resilient energy logistics solutions have contributed to the success of large and mega projects in major centres and the remotest locations

Energy is one of the main drivers of development in Africa, and we have been delivering tailored solutions across the sector for decades.  

No matter where a project takes us or how difficult the terrain, we offer you carefully designed and seamlessly executed end-to-end configured solutions using innovative technology and methodology. 

We have developed solutions for mining, renewable energy, thermal, nuclear, oil and gas, industrial projects, government logistics.


We manage green-field and brown-field projects as well as steady state mines, and so have an intimate understanding of your supply chain requirements for mining projects and operating mines.  Our mining re-supply teams and networks deliver truly global solutions which drive your costs down while improving reliability.

Solutions that support your needs include:

Renewable energy

We have been providing alternative energy logistics solutions for more than 20 years, transporting entire wind farms and making sure wind turbine components and spare parts are available as required. 



We optimise your supply chain and work with our teams around the world to develop planning and implementation methods that deliver the quality you need at the cost you require.


From source to site, under challenging conditions and across difficult terrains, you can rely on us to deliver. We go the extra mile in understanding the unique requirements of each task to ensure we configure solutions that deliver maximum benefits to our customers.

Solutions that support renewable energy, thermal and nuclear include:

Oil and Gas

As a logistics partner, strategically located in the major oil and gas locations around the world, we understand your market and can use our integrated supply chain network of resources, facilities, assets and infrastructure to support your business.

Our dedicated team designs unique end-to-end solutions that enable you to properly plan, engineer, procure, construct and manage projects and resupply.

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