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DSV Skyservices provides you with specialist, cost effective air and sea logistics solutions for perishable shipments to and from Southern Africa, and to do so we have built long-term relationships with leading shippers, consignees and service providers.

Our business philosophy is to understand our shippers’ requirements and provide tailor-made logistics solutions. Similarly, we prefer to work with fewer, carefully selected service providers to meet the requirements of our shippers, exporters and their clients.

We import and export perishable cargo by:

  • Operating from specialised perishable cargo facilities to service the wide range of perishable commodities every day of the year
  • Employing highly experienced and trained staff
  • Developing and maintaining long term and professional relationships with like-minded service providers to enhance our service levels to shippers
  • Ensuring sound professional relationships with all authorities involved in the logistics chain including Customs & Excise, Phytosanitary, Veterinary, Agricultural Governmental Services and the Perishable Product Export Control Board

The flow of information is as important as the movement of your valuable commodities, and so our information systems deliver timely and accessible data and documentation to all involved in the supply chain.


Our services include:


We are an accredited Regulated Agent with the Civil Aviation Authority in both Johannesburg and Cape Town and equipped to ensure the safety of your produce. The South Africa Civil Aviation Regulations sets out measures and procedures to safeguard against acts of unlawful interference with air cargo.


The biggest concern for any exporter of perishable products is damage or loss that may occur during transit. When this happens, a claim is instituted against the carrier. The time period in which claims get finalized depends largely on how soon and comprehensively information was supplied to the carrier. Our highly qualified staff will guide you through this process to ensure we avoid unnecessary delays in settlement.


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