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DSV’s eCommerce solutions plugin to Shopify and WooCommerce seamlessly integrate your customers’ buying and shipping process – at no integration cost or change to your website.

DSV ClientZone and Quick Estimate Plugin integrates online shopfront orders with the purchase and shipment process, and the easy-to-install plugin provides customers with live shipping rates and allows you to automate the dispatch process by predefining item information and shipping specifications.

You will be able to track shipments using DSV ClientZone, and our subscription services allow your ERP system to receive near real time updates on shipment events. 

The process is as easy as DSV: online orders will automatically sync to DSV ClientZone and your customer will be able to view chosen items in specific order, create the shipment booking and print the shipment labels. On successful print of the shipment labels the shipment collection will be triggered for action by the operational teams and invoice generation on successful delivery.

You will also be able to view your financials and additional operational reporting from DSV ClientZone – delivery costs will appear on your checkout page, and additional benefits include accurate tracking, invoice visibility, operational and status update reporting and viewing of delivery documentation.

Integrating with DSV has never been this easy: if you have an active DSV account, simply register a DSV ClientZone profile and navigate to the eCommerce module. Download and install the plug-in in a few easy steps. 
Infographic How to set up DSV eCommerce plugin using Clientone
If you don’t have a DSV account, please contact our  National Contact Centre on 0861 80 30 80 or using the reference “eCommerce interest”.

How to install plugin

  • DSV Clientzone plugin on Shopify
  • DSV Clientzone plugin on WooCommerce

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