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Improve your supply chain with efficient rail freight transport

Shipping by rail is efficient, reliable and an environmentally-friendly solution. And it is much less susceptible to delays on increasingly congested road networks.

DSV's multimodal rail freight solutions offers great flexibility in both pricing and transit time, coupled with the environmental benefits.

If you have larger and complex volumes that require high frequency and stability, rail transport is often the preferred alternative to traditional road transport in Europe.

With our rail transport in South Africa you get:

  • Frequent and stable departure and arrival times
  • A greener alternative to road transport (reduced emissions of CO2)
  • Possibility of configured transport solutions based on rail transport

Enhanced level of security

Statistics show that theft from containers shipped by rail freight are relatively rare, as it is difficult for criminals to get close to a train and unload from a container on a rail wagon. In comparison, theft from trucks parked at rest areas is more common as access is easier.

Multimodal compatibility

The containers and trailers used are compatible with both road and rail freight – sometimes called multimodal transport. This means that there is no need to unload and load at transit points; the container or trailer is simply lifted from train to truck as required. DSV also offers less than full load trailers or containers, where your goods are loaded with other customers' cargo.

Economical and less subject to fuel surcharges

Rail freight transport is especially efficient for long distances, as one driver can move more containers with comparatively fewer rest stops. Rail freight transport is often electrically powered, which avoids fuel surcharges and oil price fluctuations.  

More environmentally sustainable

Because rail freight transport is often electrically powered, and also because of the high volumes which a single train can transport, rail freight is a much greener form of transport, emitting much lower volumes of CO2.


Unlike road freight, trains do not get stuck in traffic jams, and while there may occasionally be delays.

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