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Keeping Zambia's Copperbelt moving

Zambia highway

DSV has moved 28 20-foot containers containing 78 500 bricks from Germany and Austria to the Copperbelt Province in Zambia – quite an achievement given the equipment shortages and port delays which characterise the global shipping market.

They were loaded in Germany and Austria at the end of May, shipped to Durban and arrived in port on 28 July and then driven to Zambia through South Africa and Zimbabwe in an impressive 28-vehicle convoy for delivery in time for the smelter shutdown on 15 August.

DSV’s DAS (DSV Africa Services) and DSV Zambia controlled the movements from the supplier on an ex-works basis to final delivery at the mine. The journey from Durban to the copper belt took 14 days, and included movement of cargo from port to warehouse, in-transit clearance, moving through various borders, customs clearance at the Chirundu border into Zambia and onto final delivery to the site.

The shipment highlighted the high level of collaboration between DSV Zambia and DAS and demonstrated how DAS enables cargo movement into Sub Saharan Africa and supports DSV’s African offices with effective service from end-to-end, and a clear understanding of challenges and risk mitigation to ensure efficient and effective movement of cargo.

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