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Logistics security gives you peace of mind your high value and high risk items are taken care of.

We've been part of the technology and secure logistics revolution for more than 30 years with supply chain solutions that are innovative, flexible and tailor made for the industry. We cover the entire supply chain from multi-tier fulfilment and merge-in-transit, high value secure solutions to white glove deliveries and after sales services. For more information on this go to the technology industry to find out how we support your full supply chain.

Read more about our last mile secure logistics solutions enabled through DSV Mounties, below.

Scheduled deliveries and collections

We offer scheduled services to required locations to meet your requirements


A typical scheduled service allows for deliveries and collections to be done, in a single stop intervention – even if there are no deliveries for that service point on that particular day when DSV Mounties will service the location / branch / store. This can be one service per day to multiple services, at predefined time daily.

This model enables a unique pricing methodology that reduces the effective unit cost as additional volume is introduced into the network – and you can choose a responsive supply chain without having to stage shipments or build consolidations. 

DSV Mounties will collect and deliver, enhancing your logistics security.


Mounties secure

We specialise in personal secure deliveries

mounties secure
We verify and collect FICA (banking) and RICA (mobile) documents upon delivery, so addressing risk and compliance across various industries.

Our inbound and outbound call centre makes direct contact with your end consumers to arrange a collection date and time convenient for them.

Targeted contact strategies also provide you with an edge in ensuring shortened turnaround times, an advantage to any business cash-to-cash cycle.



For your on-premises mailing functions

Our resourced solution provides you with all the mailing functions you need, at your premises. This includes handling of incoming and outgoing mail (across all providers), mailing, franking services, registered mail collections as well as several other value adding services are available.

Office furniture

Dismantling of office furniture and inventory management made easy

office furniture
Our skilled Furnlog personnel help you dismantle existing office furniture and provide inventory management for these assets that can be warehoused until ready for redeployment, when our teams will then reassemble them.

Our secure logistics solutions include:

  • DSV Locker

    Safe and secure delivery alternative to many industries including banking education and retail.

  • Courier

    Secure and reliable forward and reverse service to corporate customers


    Secure facilities offer warehousing and pick pack for national and international distribution


    Distribution model that efficiently consolidates forward and reverse logistics in a single intervention

  • face to face delivery

    Consignee-only or appointment-based deliveries with strict data management including RICA/FICA authentication and OTP/finger biometrics

  • mailroom/onsite

    Inbound and outbound mailroom logistics including internal and 3rd party parcels with dedicated vehicles

  • Furniture logistics

    Asset tagging, storage and repair with accurate inventory management of your office furniture

  • special projects

    Large scale once off projects with bespoke secure requirements in private and government sectors

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