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If efficiency matters for your shipment, DSV sea freight services are your best choice 

We offer competitive rates, frequent departures to and from major ports around the world and all the capacity you need. We can help you with whatever shipping needs you have as well as offer other transport needs you may have by air, road, rail or barge.

Local knowledge of local conditions
We have experienced employees in every major port around the world with experienced employees who understand local and international export and import compliance matters. We can help you understand each country‚Äôs requirements as well as sorting out your local pick up and last mile delivery.  If you need logistics support or warehouse management for your supply chain, we can handle that too.

Our sea freight services include:
  • FCL - Full container load
  • LCL - Less than container load
  • Non-containerised load
  • Buyer's consolidation services
  • Break bulk, Landside
  • Reefer containers for perishable cargo

Sea freight compliance

Moving cargo from A to B across the seas can be challenging. Transport documents, regulations, country-specific compliance, local requirements and customs clearance are just some of the steps to be considered before your cargo can be dispatched to its final destination. Proper export documentation and import licenses and requirements are becoming increasingly important factors when transporting cargo. With years of experience in cargo shipment, our staff can support you in delivering your sea freight in full compliance with all requirements.

A network of trusted sea freight carriers

When you need the price advantage of sea freight, our agreements with the major global and regional sea freight carriers will help get you the best competitive combination of routing, carrier, price and departure and arrival times to suit your needs. You get the flexibility to ship your cargo when it suits you best.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements and we will find you the best and most reliable carrier for your cargo.

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