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Rising cost from research and development, production and supply chain combined with stringent regulations are just a few of the challenges you need to overcome when working with Medical logistics.

We are well placed to help you make a difference.


We represent more than 45 individual healthcare organisations in South Africa and deliver more than 25,000 parcels per day to more than 4,200 customers and 7,500 delivery points in the private and public sector.

We serve 12 of the top 20 pharmaceutical manufacturers in South Africa, providing primarily an order-to-cash service.

  • We distribute

    Pharmaceutical products
    Medical devices
    Diagnostics and Consumer health products
  • We provide

    Logistics services
    Bonded warehousing
    Value added services
  • For the following industries

    Pharmaceuticals (generics and innovative)
    Animal Health (including dangerous goods)
    Devices and Diagnostics
    Consumer Health
    The State through public/private partnerships

Our world-class facilities

  • 2 Logistics centres

    Our flagship Meadowview and Western Cape facilities
  • 13 Cross-dock hubs

    Giving us a national footprint
  • Temperature Controlled


    below 25˚C


    between 2–8˚C 

  • GXP compliant

    ISO 9001:2009,
    ISO 13485 certified,
    ISO 45 001 and
    ISO 18 001
  • Unique to Meadowview facility

    • 38,000 pallet position “dark” bulk warehouse, 32 metres high
    • 20,000 location fine pick operation
    • Houses our 566 m2 bonded warehouse

Specialist healthcare solutions



We offer you warehousing, customer order processing, customer order pick and pack, and delivery to customer, credit control and collection of cash from your customer. You benefit from the economies of scale associated with a multi-client warehouse and the one-customer account set-up, and we offer this primarily on a decentralized basis through facilities in Gauteng and the Western Cape.

Warehousing only


We offer a range of warehousing only (some with transport) models as part of our devices and diagnostics offering.


Transport only/last-mile distribution


Our network of people, vehicles and strategically located branches and hubs enable us to deliver half a million parcels a month to over 7,500 customers across the country and over our borders. Many are serviced every day.


This footprint enables us to offer you a last-mile distribution service while you take care of your own warehousing, sales and invoicing, pick and pack and cash collection. You still benefit from our high levels of compliance, quality, security and risk management, and a robust POD policy ensures that you have the necessary information (online or using our daily POD file transfers) to ensure a seamless cash collection from your customers.


Value added services (VAS)


Our Value-Added Services include warehousing services, marketing, sales and communication, data, reporting and programming, delivery services, quality control, risk and governance services, group services,  Africa bond services and  additional services.

Specialised medical logistics solutions - Cold chain


We are the largest private distributor of cold chain products to the public and private sectors in South Africa and offer you the largest GDP compliant cold room in the Southern hemisphere and an extensive range of passive and active cold packaging solutions validated to up to 144 hours.


Africa capabilities


We offer you access through multiple entry points to nearly 50 African countries and the Indian Ocean Islands as well as a best-fit solution tailored to your needs.


We offer you three medical logistic options to service Africa:  a Pharma compliant bonded facility in Brussels; the South African Distribution Centre in Meadowview, Johannesburg; or the Pharma compliant bonded facility in Meadowview, Johannesburg.

Medical diagnostics and devices

We offer bespoke storage solutions for medical diagnostics and devices and tailor-made competencies in:

  • Kitting (made-to-stock and made-to-order)
  • Repack / re-labelling
  • Consignment stock
  • Instruments and spares handling
  • Direct orders (cross-docking)

We deliver to public and private laboratories (we have developed a customised shipping manifest) and hospitals.

Consumer health


We deliver to the healthcare sector and FMCG and centralised distribution centres from our GDP compliant Meadowview facility. Specific consumer health processes are in place to cater for your unique requirements, including EDI or B2B ordering, an interface with data exchange to validate key information at order time, picking in shrink and case quantities, compliance with customer specific PODs and specific returns reason codes.



Animal health


We offer GDP compliant storage as well as specialized storage for your dangerous and flammable goods, have extensive vaccines expertise and access the entire animal health market via our specialized partner.

Public sector


We provide medical logistics services to the State on behalf of its clients and directly on contract to the National Department of Health. We have specialized teams managing our state interactions.

We deliver to 14 depots and another 500 direct delivery points (DDVs), including state hospitals, clinics and correctional services facilities. In excess of 7,800 public sector orders are processed each month, and more than four million packaged units are delivered each month.


We also deliver to state facilities on behalf of some of the larger suppliers with state contracts who warehouse their own stock. 


We are also the largest private cold chain distributor to the public sector.


Service provided to the National Department of Health


We dispense and distribute chronic medicine to more than 450,000 state patients in four provinces – Northwest, Gauteng, Free State and Eastern Cape – in fulfilment of a three-year contract with the National Department of Health.


The CCMDD programme consists of dispensing prescriptions acquired from health facilities for patients with chronic diseases who have been stabilised on their medicine therapy. Patient medicine parcels (PMP) are distributed to Pick-up Points  (PuPs) chosen by patients.


Help is a phone call away


Our 45-person centralised call centre manages orders, customer service, claims and returns, and specialised teams handle state, wholesalers, laboratories, returns, emergency orders and private customers. All calls are recorded and stringent KPI adherence are followed. 

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