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Every single person at DSV is part of something 55,000 times bigger than themselves

People are at the core of who we are - the drive, talent and devotion they bring to the table every day are what make DSV the exciting place it is. It’s a dynamic and fast-moving environment with rapid decisions at every level – where ambition meets teamwork in an effort to face challenges, succeed, move forward and make a difference.

Odeliah Kekana

Odeliah Kekana - Manager, Call Centre

Johannesburg, South Africa

What do you believe you bring to logistics industry/customer service as a woman?

Whilst the logistics industry is generally a male dominated environment, I believe women would be able to bring a balance into this industry. Our feminine nature allows us to not only build better relationships, but also continue to nurture those relationships. I believe for anyone contemplating to enter the industry, if they see other women in leadership positions, who have made a success of their roles, this will be the encouragement they need to take that first step. My excellent communication skills and my passion for what I do has helped me to navigate the everyday challenges in this particular industry.

What do you attribute your success in logistics/customer service to?

My passion for delivering excellent customer services has been at the centre of everything that do. I believe doing things right the first time, contributes positively to the customer experience journey. My willingness to learn and my enthusiasm has always driven me to want to make a mark in everything I do. I believe experiences that we create for our customers is what will keep bringing them back, and possibly even help us to grow our customer base. Our competitive advantage is determined by the attitude in which our staff delivers service to our customers, and that is what drives me to continuously place focus in training and mentoring of my staff.

What advice would you give to young women considering entering the logistics industry?

For any young women who wants to enter the industry, the sky is really the limit. The opportunities are endless, you just need to be open minded and willing to put in the work.  The key is to believe in yourself. Believe that you are capable, and do not let anyone or any circumstance stand in your way. Be authentic in how you deal with everyday issues, and do not easily conform to the standards set by society, but rather stand for who you are and what you believe in. Finally, show empathy where it is necessary to do so and learn to get out of your comfort zone.

Ravina Govender - Director Quality Assurance, DSV Healthcare

Ravina Govender - Director Quality Assurance

Johannesburg, South Africa

What do you believe you bring to the supply chain industry as a woman?

While women have made significant strides in the fight for equality, gender disparity still exists in many prominent industries, including Logistics and Supply Chain. I believe that women bring their natural skillset of multitasking to any task that they perform. Having to constantly juggle the work–family dynamic makes us experts at handling multiple activities at a time and there is no better place to put this skillset to use than in supply chain. There are always numerous wheels in motion at any one time and we need to be able to balance them all to be able to deliver great service to our customers and clients.

The reality is that women bring a different perspective into the organisation and the Supply Chain industry.  We are more collaborative in our approach, and more inclusive from a people partnership and management aspect.

My role as Quality Director and part of the Board of Directors at DSV Healthcare allows me to use my natural collaboration, communication and relationship building skills to build a resilient team

What do you attribute your success in supply chain to?

Passion and Persistence have been my driving force since completing my Pharmacist qualification.

As a student, supply chain was not even a field of pharmacy that we were taught about. I envisioned a future as a Retail Pharmacist, owning my own community pharmacy. During my internship year, it became abundantly clear to me that this was not where my future laid. The main thing I learnt during that year is how aggressive people become once they’ve run out of their medical aid.

I love the diversity of supply chain and the fact that every day presents a different challenge and a new opportunity to learn. I think that I could end my working career still not having learnt everything that this challenging industry has to teach.

I also really enjoy the people element of supply chain. I spent some time in my career working as a Registration Pharmacist, registering new drugs with SAHPRA. I could spend an entire day at the office without the need to interact with another person in order to do my job and I absolutely hated it. I love the variety of people and personalities that I get to interact with daily.

Regarding my success, I would say that I have never been afraid of taking on new roles, even those outside of the pharmacy profession. During my first 2 years in logistics, I had worked in every pharmacist role that the warehouse had to offer. I then moved into Operational roles such as Returns and Stock Controlling HOD positions in order to gain more experience. It is this knowledge that I rely on almost every day in order to do my current job well.

What advice would you give to young women considering entering the supply chain industry?

I think that in the past women may have been reluctant to join this industry due to the physical work involved. With the high level of automation that exists today (the Meadowview facility being a perfect example) this is clearly no longer a deterring factor and it is important for women considering entering the logistics space to understand this.

Whilst the industry is still male dominated, it is important that women understand the incredible value that we bring into this industry.  Our strength as females lies not in our ability to be like men, it lies in our ability to be authentic, to be nurturing and to be flexible in the ever-changing world of work.

The best advice I could offer is to never be afraid of the unknown. Your life will hardly ever follow the picture in your head, so while you can grasp every opportunity to explore and learn. You'll never know what opportunity may present itself around the corner.

I would like to leave you with this quote by Kavitha Ramdas : “We need women who are so strong they can be gentle, so educated they can be humble, so fierce, they can be compassionate, so passionate they can be rational, and so disciplined they can be free”

Pia D. Laugesen, Divisional Manager

Pia D. Laugesen, General Manager

Horsens, Denmark

”I love improving the way we do things, following new trends and being at the cutting edge with the right resources at the right time. It means a lot to me to have staff on side, enjoying their work and doing what they are good at.”

Pia started her career as DSV as a trainee. A very ambitious person, she wanted to make her mark and  see the world. This led to her being sent to Paris for an assignment, which was a fantastic experience that left her with a strong network worth its weight in gold in her daily work.

"When I see a truck on the road, it makes me proud and it almost feels like I’m the one in the driver’s seat. DSV is a great example of a Danish company, which is successful in international business. We have the ambitions and we make decisions that are well thought through. It all suits me very well."

Lynn Hu, Customer Success Manager

Lynn Hu, Senior Manager, Customer Support

Shanghai, China

“DSV is my haven. It’s a stable and solid place to work and I see it improving every year.”

It’s been a fantastic journey for Lynn since she joined DSV 11 years ago, moving up the career ladder through various different positions.

"There are opportunities everywhere in DSV if you are dedicated. Working with so many colleagues from different countries and cultures means we all get to learn from each other. It’s helped me with my career development as well as being great on a personal level.”

Jason Ye, Supply Chain Advisor

Jason Ye, Senior Supply Chain Advisor


"My goal is to make our customers more competitive and successful by optimising their supply chains."

Jason moved from China to work at DSV’s head office just outside Copenhagen. He has already fallen in love with his new home and the culture in DSV.

“DSV is a very performance driven and decentralised organisation. The management is so down to earth, honest and the communication is very open. I really feel the value of that. We can make quick decisions and immediately adjust to market developments for the benefit of our customers. That’s how I like it."

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