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Global climate issues are escalating, with the transport sector being a significant contributor. At DSV, we are aware of this and aim to be part of the solution through our commitment to be a responsible business partner and an active participant in the community.

At DSV, we work together with our customers and suppliers to create sustainable transport and logistics systems. We constantly develop and improve our business concept to ensure that our products and services always meet the current safety and environmental standards.

Below are some of our current initiatives to reduce our impact on the environment.

  • Efficient  vehicles 

    We ensure our vehicles are compliant with the European emissions standard. This limits the amount of carbon emissions produced by our vehicles.
  • Route Optimisation

    We work according to the principle "waste not – want not", which means that we take the most energy efficient route whenever possible.
  • Cargo consolidation

    We ensure that vehicles are loaded in an optimal way, we consider cargo weight and volume to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.
  • Energy Efficient facilities

    DSV is investing in new state of the art facilities in South Africa, with sustainability and the environment playing a pivotal role on our agenda.

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